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Lens Resemblance of Our God

Lens Resemblance of Our God

By: Carrie Adams
Nov. 3, 2011
Copyrights Reserved

Would you keep looking, primping, posing that much in a mirror with knowing you are wasting quality time? How often do you replace brushes, curlers, eyeliner etc…? There is a supply store nearest you that continues to thrive with profits and the guarantees that you like all shoppers will be there on the double when your supplies lack and you perceive that desperate purchase is saving your “face.”

I am writing this to extract the compulsive actions that so many people are tangled in. While sharing a meaningful view that has apparently been blinded.

Our lives are swamped, vulnerable and undeniably challenged. Have you pondered about your life existing somewhere else that does not resemble your current surroundings? Does this question create anxiety or fear? Hey no problem; take a moment to add the multitude of feelings. I’m sure holding a pen /pencil and paper seems absurd too but a journal could speak wiser and have significant insight to inspire you when you preferably draw the new face and wash the old face away and this compulsive past time has yet to prove you indifferent .You probably wish to not reply, consider, imagine or envision this inquiry and I guess not for now.

If your fetish of (make your ” face – do “) were costly to maintain and at any time you may not or cannot afford to apply the color, blush, balm etc …should I or anyone else before warned of your outrage and hide behind fences, buildings or other protective barriers since the traumatic affect for you is so over whelming and that desperate pose in your mirror has now crumbled in minute pieces and you don’t know yourself? You are unable to recognize you. Oh (sarcastically) …you know yourself more with the sparkling eye shadows , false eye lashes , glow like lip sticks . In addition, this itself, looks, fashion, glassware, heels; luggage baggage explains your soul?

Let me ease my words softly, gently towards you and convey a more significant pose that imprints the view that God waits for you to see.

The lens bears no weight, no blurriness, no deceptions, and no complexities. The lens resemblance of our God does not shatter, crumble, and debate stupidity with stupid.

STOP… Stop the helpless roaming. There is no antique vanity anywhere that should break your monthly expenses, no pearl marble like frame for your mirror should be designed custom made, shipped and hung with the price tag ranging from $ 6,000.00 or any other over priced amount. It is not got squash to do with who you are! The affordable pose that each person can embrace is to like you, love yourself. Understand beyond this carnal place that the lens resemblance of God is unlimited. Your being, soul and mind are satisfactory with Him. You have to accept.

So why have we seen this epidemic of mass dissatisfaction in self – whose price tag can’t be beat? What commercial continues to jingle better rings to grab your attention and lure you to anticipate your secretive shop a holic trip that demands your participation?

The primping, posing and make up – make over addiction with people in our society has promising outcomes, I remain humorously silent the “circus has ever left. “!

God has wanted from us a disciplined mindset.

He knows our lives would be tossed back and forth; the experiences in any one’s lifetime would be of vast highs and shallow lows. His instructions for well being, character and integrity are the commandments, principles that spoke inwardly from ranges in view and out of view.

The exacerbation that has paralyzed the landscape of humanity; future, current and past is noticeably: man’s refusal to honor Our God. God has walked our walk.

Can you erode your layers of skin, fibers of courtesies, forbid safety havens for your brethren, erratically punish another life, scorn the differences and cherish likenesses ignorantly?

What view of you do others see? Is your prosperity in collection of goods, materials, and make up kits, coupon sales that stash more products in seclusion for self without sharing to others (whom have a need) that have remained unheard or unseen?

When …can you embrace the authentic genuineness of self?

If you remain primping and posing in the lens of ingratitude, selfishness, unworthy, biased double minded, negative, unchanged, uninspired or unpleased.

“Step away from that haunting mirror it successfully taunted you way too long!”

Your true self needs unveiling and eventually your passage ( commitment , discipline , principles, prayer walk , prayer worship , grace and honor , devotion , fellowship , purpose ) will introduce you to you even if unknown , unanticipated , unseen , untraveled miles stroll by way of tiresome high ways , byways , circle drives and boulevards this is life !!

God speaks to the very conscious minds, hearts and followers of him.
When do you convey your gratitude, thankfulness, compassion, sympathy, humility humanity, sorrows, or forgiveness?

When you stop the pitiful orchestration of self-doting in man’s blemished mirrors
You finally notice the revolving changes, growths, depths, alterations, leaps, insight, wisdom, companionship that God by himself waited patiently for you to embrace the purest likeness of him.

Your opportunity to see within shall confirm the brilliant “Lens Resemblance of Our God”

Do not waste quality time

By: Carrie Adams
Palos Heights, Ill
Nov. 4, 2011

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